Why the Use of Intravenous Catheters are Gold Standard in Companion Animal Euthanasia

By Kathleen Cooney / November 1, 2021

If you take a moment to reflect on the most dangerous substances we inject into the body, you may come up with the same answer as I did.  Chemotherapy.  These drugs by nature destroy cells, and cause considerable damage to tissue in areas of accidental contact such as extravasation outside of the venous system.  They…

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Recognizing Complicated Grief in our Clients

By CAETA Administrator / October 15, 2021

Dave Shuey, MSW, RVT, CHPT. We all tell ourselves that euthanasia has the effect of ending suffering, both for the terminally ill or injured pet, as well as the owner who may have been carrying burdens of care and concern throughout the course of events leading up to euthanasia. How often do we acknowledge the…

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Euthanasia Drugs; Administration rates matter

By Kathleen Cooney / October 1, 2021

If euthanasia becomes necessary to relieve suffering, it should be handled with respect and skill. The speed at which euthanasia solution is administered effects two main things; potential pain and active signs of death. For the most part, veterinarians are taught to inject quickly but it turns out this is only correct part of the…

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Stress + Symptoms = Euthanasia?

By Kathleen Cooney / September 15, 2021

The effects of stress on both animals and humans has been well documented, showing how stress can weaken the immune system, trigger the onset of cancer, increase inflammation, upset the gastrointestinal tract, and leave the body in a general poor state of health. It can look like the end of days for many pets, especially…

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Special Quotes to Carry Us in End-of-life Work

By CAETA Administrator / September 1, 2021

By Lianna Titcombe, International Director for CAETA When I first became a veterinarian some 20 years ago, I suffered from crippling imposter syndrome. What fool had given me this DVM degree? What bigger fool had given me my dream job? I started out as an emergency and critical care veterinarian at one of the largest…

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Pet Loss Support Groups and Resources; Caring for pet owners after euthanasia

By Kathleen Cooney / August 15, 2021

Grieving pet owners benefit when they have access to pet loss support information.  There are a variety of resources on the internet, however many of them are out of date and no longer in service.  The Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy (CAETA) has created this list of mainly US-based pet loss support groups, with some…

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7 Steps to Begin Your Euthanasia-Specialty House Call Veterinary Practice

By CAETA Administrator / August 1, 2021

This is a blog for veterinarians interested in starting house call or mobile practices incorporating in-home euthanasia (IHE), at-home euthanasia (AHE), or end-of-life (EOL) services. This includes 7 steps to help with the basics of licensing, legalities, business, as well as the practical, financial, & emotional aspects of starting or building a house call veterinary practice.

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senior dog before pet euthanasia by vet

Euthanasia Comfort Rooms

By Kathleen Cooney / July 15, 2021

A pet owner once asked me what’s the most important thing in my euthanasia comfort rooms. Kleenex was my response. The floor could be dirt and the room cold; as long as we keep compassion and the bond front and center, nothing else matters. I believe this for sure however having special touches to keep…

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A Message to Pet Owners; It’s your decision when to euthanize

By CAETA Administrator / July 1, 2021

Written by Dr. Kari Trotsky with Peaceful Endings for Pets. Being a veterinarian, it may surprise you to know I’ve been on the receiving end of a family member and later, a friend, telling me that it was time to euthanize my own pet. I felt angry and hurt they would imply that I’m holding…

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Special Update: Pentobarbital alternatives

By Kathleen Cooney / June 19, 2021

While pentobarbital shortages are lessening in some parts of the world, many are still without and seeking safe and reliable alternatives. Pentobarbital is the #1 go-to drug for animal euthanasia in many countries. It is reliable with consistent dosing, with minimal side effects leading to a peaceful death when performed properly. Proceeding without this familiar…

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