How to Include Euthanasia Services on Veterinary Websites; It’s important

By Dr. Kathleen Cooney / July 1, 2023

It’s 2023 and talking about death is still hard. Putting the topic of euthanasia front and center to clients, in parallel to other offerings like vaccinations or diagnostics, can feel uncomfortable to veterinary teams. Death can be perceived as a failure and lead vet professionals to avoid discussing it unless absolutely necessary. This is likely…

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Challenges Happen During Euthanasia; Vet med industries can learn from each other

By Dr. Kathleen Cooney / June 15, 2023

A recent 2022 study highlighted the euthanasia challenges veterinarians encounter outside of the companion animal space (think zoos, wildlife management, research).  I found it particularly interesting reading about the types of species being helped and what the veterinarians deemed difficult, especially in comparison to the situations private practice veterinarians face. Euthanasia is a common veterinary…

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Outdoor Pet Euthanasia; Special considerations

By Dr. Kathleen Cooney / June 1, 2023

The warmer months bring a lovely opportunity to gather outside for companion animal euthanasia services, and this includes animals that already live outside like companion livestock. Owners appreciate the option to be closely connected to nature as their pet departs this earth.  Grassy yards, sandy beaches, mountain tops…you name it.  They have a real appeal…

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Doing More to Inform on Pet Burial and Body Handling Following Pentobarbital Use

By Dr. Kathleen Cooney / May 15, 2023

I’d like to begin this blog by acknowledging how important the drug pentobarbital sodium is as a euthanasia drug in veterinary medicine, shelter population management, and lab animal research. Here in the United States, there is no question it is the most common euthanasia agent used in private veterinary practice and shelter work, and in…

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Should We Charge for Pet Euthanasia Services?

By Dr. Kathleen Cooney / May 1, 2023

I recently read an opinion article where the author complained about having to pay for the euthanasia of their dog.  They claimed that since they had spent significant money at their regular vet office, the vet should be willing to perform the procedure at no cost.  This owner wanted a financial “thank you for all…

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Dehydration in Our Euthanasia Patients; A big concern?

By Dr. Kathleen Cooney / April 15, 2023

This week I helped a sweet cat named Charlie with what I refer to as age related changes plus kidney failure.  Age related changes are those often seen in geriatric patients like loss of senses, muscle loss (sarcopenia), slowing down, appetite fluctuations and arthritis.  Kidney failure often hitches a ride on age related changes so…

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When Quality of Life Scales Aren’t Enough; Counseling clients who can’t let go

By Dr. Kathleen Cooney / April 1, 2023

As a pet patient reaches the natural end of its life, clients face the difficult decision of continuing care or opting for euthanasia.  They seek guidance for what’s best for their pet. In veterinary medicine, there are multiple Quality of Life (QOL) assessment tools that have been created to open dialogue around what the pet…

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Moving Away From Propofol Use During Companion Animal Euthanasia

By Dr. Kathleen Cooney / March 15, 2023

There are some growing trends that are making the use of intravenous propofol less necessary during animal euthanasia.  In companion animal medicine, it’s very common for veterinary staff to administer propofol (often expired) before the injection of the euthanasia solution pentobarbital, with the goal of inducing anesthesia in patients before they succumb to the effects…

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Useful Tips When Starting an IHPE Service

By Dr. Kathleen Cooney / March 1, 2023

Feeling nostalgic today, I tracked down the original digital copy of my in-home pet euthanasia book from 2011. In particular, chapter 10 on Starting a Euthanasia Service caught my eye.  Perhaps it’s the time of year, but more veterinarians have been reaching out to CAETA asking how to get an in-home pet euthanasia (IHPE) service…

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Recording Euthanasia Appointments for Safety and Transparency

By Dr. Kathleen Cooney / February 15, 2023

For the past 3 years, I’ve been recording my patients’ euthanasia appointments.  It started out of as necessity to give myself protection should a client every voice concerns about my skills, technique and compassion. I’m a euthanasia expert who has devoted my career to teaching other veterinary professionals how to make euthanasia the best it…

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