Sir Henry’s Law

By Kathleen Cooney / June 1, 2021

I’ll begin by saying I try to remove myself from politics whenever possible.  There are inner powers at play that go beyond my comprehension, and when you know little of the mechanisms, it’s best to steer clear until you do.  However, there are times to explore something deeper to understand why it exists and what…

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Pentobarbital Shortage Concerns 2021; Have no fear

By Kathleen Cooney / May 14, 2021

Pentobarbital is almost back.  Where has it been you ask?  If you perform many euthanasias in your line of work, you know it’s been scarce for months, in the US and other parts of the world.  Due to complications from COVID (presumed based on conversations with sources) and a reported explosion at a pentobarbital production…

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Oral Pre-Visit Pharmaceuticals for Euthanasia; Go big

By Kathleen Cooney / May 1, 2021

I’ll be the first to tell you I like my patients calm and peaceful before euthanasia. Who wouldn’t? Relaxed pets are easier to work with and this leads to a better experience for everyone. Serenity of mind and body before euthanasia is always welcomed. This is especially true for those pets who may be fearful…

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Companion Pot-bellied Pig Euthanasia Requires a Special Touch

By CAETA Administrator / April 15, 2021

Written by Dr. Annie ForslundEdits by Dr. Kathleen Cooney Potbellied pigs are darling creatures loved by families around the world. They have full personalities to match their equally robust shape. Many veterinary professionals have steered clear of euthanasia procedures due to their size and often sensitive temperaments, however with the right combination of gentleness and…

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Workplace Pet Loss

By CAETA Administrator / April 1, 2021

Written and shared with permission by River Valley Gateway. With 67% of Americans owning some sort of pet, it’s no wonder that our furry friends play such a vital role in many of our lives. According to the Society of Human Resource Management, however, only 7% of businesses allow pets in the workplace. This discrepancy…

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certified cat euthanasia location

Taking a Deeper Look at Intrarenal Euthanasia Injections in Cats

By Kathleen Cooney / March 27, 2021

In the coming days, a group of authors including myself are about to finally submit an academic paper on intrarenal euthanasia injections in cats. This study, first started in 2011, looks at the reliability of this technique in felines and the methodology to carry it out. What we found when following the American Veterinary Medical…

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Telehealth and Euthanasia; How they fit together

By Kathleen Cooney / March 15, 2021

Telehealth is a hot topic these days. COVID has opened our eyes to what’s possible in the modern tech era. Vet med has been utilizing telehealth since the invention of the telegraph, but these days it includes text, phone call, video chat, emails, and every digital communication platform you can think of. While euthanasia requires…

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Retiring the CAETA Commitment to Excellence Seal

By Kathleen Cooney / March 1, 2021

Since the inception of the Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy in 2017, the Commitment to Excellence Seal has been offered to graduates of the 10-hour Master Certificate Program for use in their business profiles; to show their commitment to gentle and skilled euthanasia. CAETA wanted to create something that would be a constant reminder for…

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Pet Euthanasia During COVID; a 2021 update

By Kathleen Cooney / February 15, 2021

With the COVID pandemic continuing on, CAETA would like to take a moment to address a bit of the new normal around pet euthanasia during this unique time. In a blog post from spring 2020, we reviewed some of the ways veterinary teams (including home euthanasia providers) can adjust and safely continue the work. Provide,…

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Preparation for a Peaceful Goodbye

By CAETA Administrator / February 1, 2021

By Dr. Amy Sugar: As veterinary professionals, we are privileged to provide our patients with one final service — ending their suffering through euthanasia. We also have the opportunity to honour the human-animal bond by recognizing the impact of the patient’s relationship with the family. It is a final gift we can give our patients…

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