The Top 4 Things Pet Owners Want During Euthanasia

By Kathleen Cooney / September 1, 2022

Thanks to a recent pet owner survey, we can now say with certainty that a quality companion animal euthanasia is more than just the medical procedure itself.  Owners want (and need) more, and veterinary medicine is poised to deliver.  It just takes know-how and dedication to the modern approach.  For many years now, the Companion…

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Increasing Demand for Owner-requested Euthanasia in US Animal Shelters; Should veterinarians help?

By Kathleen Cooney / August 15, 2022

Recently, it was brought to my attention the number of owner-requested euthanasias in animal shelters may be increasing.  This is when humane euthanasia is provided for pets owned by members of the community. Pet owners may not be able to afford euthanasia services at the local veterinary hospital or cannot be seen by a local…

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The AVMA’s Humane Endings Symposium; A brief overview in preparation for 2023 event

By Kathleen Cooney / August 1, 2022

The Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy (CAETA) was pleased to recently learn that the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is going to host their 3rd symposium focused on the humane death of animals in 2023.  The eventual end of life will affect all manner of species, whether living in the wild, part of a commercial…

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What’s in the Name; How euthanasia became euthanasia

By Kathleen Cooney / July 15, 2022

During a podcast with Clinician’s Brief this week, I was asked if I had the power of time travel, would I go forward 100 years to see what veterinarians were up to, or go back 100 years in the past. My reply was to go back in time so I could help veterinarians understand safer…

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Today is the Day

By CAETA Administrator / July 1, 2022

Written by Thomas Landes In today’s blog we are taking a slightly different approach with an opportunity to highlight a poem written by a third-year veterinary student after learning with CAETA. In addition to being a beautiful and touching tribute, may this serve as a reminder that the future of quality end-of-life care is in…

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Euthansia instructor

Pet Euthanasia and Deaf Owners; Love can build a bridge (part two)

By Kathleen Cooney / June 1, 2022

In support of part one, highlighting the importance of preplanning and good communication with members of the deaf community, this blog features information on how to choose the right drugs and how to describe death itself. There are simple ways to minimize stress for deaf owners who otherwise may be unclear exactly what their pet…

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Pet Euthanasia and Deaf Owners; Love can build a bridge (part one)

By Kathleen Cooney / May 15, 2022

Recently I was asked to aid in the passing of a sweet old dog owned by members of the deaf community. This family scheduled the appointment through my online web portal, and even though we communicated via email and a translated phone call beforehand, I found myself ill-prepared to fully support them during the death…

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You’ve Got a Friend in Me; A new model for pet aftercare

By Kathleen Cooney / May 1, 2022

I used to own a pet crematory as part of my end-of-life mobile veterinary service.  Before this, I worked with local crematories in northern Colorado, all of whom did amazing work caring for my patients after death.  Building my own aftercare service opened my eyes to what crematory companies can do for veterinary teams.  And…

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CAETA’s Euthanasia Review Department

By Kathleen Cooney / April 15, 2022

For many years, veterinarians and pet owners have reached out to me to talk about euthanasia experiences.  They seek to understand if what they witnessed was normal, expected, unexpected or concerning.  Veterinarians tend to look for answers that will shape how they deliver a euthanasia technique the next time. Pet owners want to know if…

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Pet Quality-of-Life Scales in Euthanasia Decision-Making

By Kathleen Cooney / April 1, 2022

I have always approached euthanasia decision-making as finding the path of least regret.  Choosing euthanasia is hard. What REALLY prepares someone to elect euthanasia for a beloved friend?  The physical and emotional condition of the pet, the burden of care for owners and their own emotional health all tend to play a role in when…

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