EuHarmony Personalized Hospital Training

Credit to Tim Murphy, Fotoimagery
Credit to Tim Murphy, Fotoimagery

If one team member learning new protocols is impressive, just think what the hospital working together can do. CAETA is proud to offer integrative hospital education through our EuHarmony Program to forever tip the scales in favor of gentle euthanasia experiences for every pet, client, and veterinary staffer. With our highly focused assessment and training, we make your work much easier. Launching in 2020 nationwide, CAETA and our team of experts are ready to support your hospital.

We travel to you, to work within your culture. During the Hospital Review, we compile survey results and perform an on-site assessment of spaces, procedures, and deeply explore often overlooked features. For the Team Training portion, we divide into both online and in-person delivery models to preserve your staff's time. Once we reach the Implementation phase, our experts stay with you to guide everyone into best practices. We are a unified team from the very start.

Hospital Review


Step one is an internal review of ongoing euthanasia procedures.  Our experts will review what's working, what's not, and what you want to see improved.  The result is a stronger, more efficient and compassionate customer experience.

Team Training

Casual meeting

Step two is staff education and training.  Our mission is to provide you with the most current protocols, client support, while increasing the team's emotional intelligence around euthanasia-centric work.  For those wanting to go beyond our main program, we offer training in animal hospice, pet loss support, and ethical aftercare



Step three will be implementation of new skills, updated product use, and completion of the euthanasia team training manual.  Your satisfaction will grow as you see patients more comfortable, clients feeling safer, and your team more fulfilled in this often sad work.  CAETA and our team of experts will shift you from compassion fatigue to compassion satisfaction.