Euthanasia Education for Veterinary Professionals

The Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy provides outstanding education in companion animal euthanasia to enhance the overall experience for pet, caregiver, and veterinary team. Learn through our 10-hour Master Program plus over 30 hours of additional learning content. CAETA graduates have joined the Good Death revolution.   Interested in elevating hospital and shelter protocols, join our EuHarmony program. We advocate for the
The 14 Essential Components of Companion Animal Euthanasia.


Note: course completion does not grant one the ability to perform euthanasia in companion animals.  Only licensed veterinarians, licensed veterinary technicians, and certified animal shelter euthanasia technicians may perform euthanasia.

In Person Learning Experience

Our onsite Master Programs and educational sessions are offered multiple times a year around the world. Our students consist of veterinarians, technicians, social workers, grief counselors, bioethicists, practice managers, shelter personnel, animal hospice case workers, and more.  Everyone will have time to share case successes and challenges, and moments for discussion are scheduled after each lecture.

Online Learning

Our online training is the next best thing to being in person with the instructor.  CAETA has developed a high quality, user friendly virtual program for online learning that can be taken at your pace anywhere in the world.  Students have the option to take single hours or our full 10-hour Master Certificate program granting a certificate of completion.  Our topics beyond the Master Program include equine and livestock euthanasia, exotic euthanasia, compassion fatigue, emotional intelligence, business management, and much more.

Avoiding complacency

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