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Partnering with CAETA will increase awareness of your products/services and provide CAETA with the funding we need to shift old and outdated euthanasia paradigms around the world. We work with you and for you in synergy for the greater good.

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CAETA Partnership

CAETA partnership requires a monetary contribution in exchange for two year’s worth of marketing and promotion, targeted to those who will benefit learning about your company, products, and services. CAETA is unique among training programs in that we promote your specific products and services rather than just your company name. We believe our students benefit from learning which products work best and the specifics on where to find them. And partnership includes consulting and collaboration with the entire CAETA team of experts.

About Your Investment

Your investment will be applied to course development, administration expenses, and  marketing throughout the veterinary community.  You also fund our important complimentary guide, ‘Understanding Companion Animal Euthanasia’, available to veterinary hospitals nationwide for distribution to pet owners. Your products and company name will be included in all CAETA promotional materials, in printed form and online, with Platinum and Gold Level partners welcome to include products within our laboratories.  Please note all course content will be designed and delivered by the instructors, independent of partner involvement.  In short, you fuel our mission to protect the patient, client, and veterinary team experience and we are so grateful.

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