CAETA Partners

Partnering with CAETA will increase awareness of your products/services and provide CAETA with the funding we need to shift old and outdated euthanasia paradigms around the world. We work with you and for you in synergy for the greater good.

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CAETA Partner Packages

A CAETA Partner Package is a customizable, a la carte investment approach that allows your organization to deliver organization-sponsored and branded end-of-life education, training, and support directly to your customers. Partner Packages provide a strategic approach to support your relationships and marketing efforts when compared to general sponsorship support. Our a la carte training menu allows you to choose the deliverables and target your audience, thus increasing your ROI.


How do CAETA Partner Packages help increase your organization’s bottom line?

A CAETA Partner Package allows your organization to strategically assemble targeted promotional packages to further increase the value-ad of your current service offerings to your external partners. Packages can also be used as leverage to help gain new accounts or targeted entry (e.g., universities) in an increasingly competitive market. Gifting deliverables to your partners not only shows your dedication to the relationship, it further differentiates you from your competitors.

  • We do the heavy lifting. CAETA functions as an extension of your organization and is responsible for the arrangement, execution, and all communications surrounding the delivery of menu items from start to finish, promoting your organization throughout the entire process. 
  • Focus groups. CAETA will provide opportunity, when applicable, for attendee focus groups, allowing specific questions to be asked as to gain deeper insights from real-life end users. 

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