Euthanasia Case Review for Pet Owners

The Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy (CAETA) is led by veterinary experts who specialize in euthanasia-related services and education. This Euthanasia Review Department provides an assessment of companion animal euthanasia medical procedure with the intent to understand and inform on the expected/unexpected nature of what occurred during an appointment. Euthanasia in veterinary medicine is unique. It is a medical procedure commonly viewed by pet owners, and can be a profoundly emotional experience for those who have a strong bond with their companion animal.  CAETA is able to hear all concerns but will address medical questions and comments specifically.  Example issues include a pet's response to sedatives or the facilitation of a particular euthanasia technique.

Veterinary teams strive to perform euthanasia with compassion and skill. Depending on patient health, euthanasia can be a complicated procedure.  This Department seeks to understand what occurred and offer guidance on how to address issues post-euthanasia.  CAETA does not take direct action with those who performed the procedure.

CAETA utilizes research, guidelines, and rich experiential backgrounds in case reviews.  After a pet owner completes the intake form, our team will review the case and arrange for a virtual meeting to discuss findings and recommendations.  Our goal is to consider the facts of the case with neutrality for positive resolutions.  We follow a strict code of professional ethics to help guide the review process. 

Case Review Process

Pet owners will be asked to complete a case intake form, sharing details about the medical aspects of what occurred. Time to complete the intake form varies based on the level of detail the owner wishes to relay.  Pet owners can expect the following steps:

  1. Complete the intake form.
  2. Internal CAETA review of the information.
  3. Veterinary social worker connection with pet owner to arrange a virtual meeting
  4. Virtual meeting will be held, lasting up to 30 minutes.
  5. Information is shared with a veterinary expert for review.
  6. Veterinary social worker shares recommendations with pet owner through another virtual meeting or email correspondence.
  7. Case is filed for later access if necessary.

CAETA's Euthanasia Review Department is designed to be efficient and thorough in review of all cases.  Response from a staff member following the completion of the intake form will be within 7 business days.

Helpful tips before starting the intake form

Before beginning the Intake Form, pet owners may want to write down their observations with as much detail as is known. Medical records may be obtained and shared, however CAETA prefers not to know details such as the veterinary hospital name, location, or other identifying information.  This is best left confidential.  Pet owners should determine their goals of the review process and have that clearly stated on the intake form.  This helps the CAETA staff understand how best to support such goals.  CAETA only addresses the medical nature of the procedure.  Please keep this in mind when completing the form.

Earning Your Trust

The CAETA staff seeks to understand and provide useful information about the euthanasia case.  We follow veterinary professional ethics and focus our recommendations on euthanasia best practices as referenced in the American Veterinary Medical Association's Euthanasia Guidelines and the Veterinary Oath of Practice.  We act with empathy and utilize gentle communication skills from beginning to end. 

Ready to get started

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