Veterinary Euthanasia Team Training Manual

Every veterinary procedure requires standard protocol be followed to ensure the best results.

Each step is important and deserves to be well-­‐thought out, streamlined, and adhered to by the team.  Euthanasia is no exception.  Without protocols in place, it stands to reason that everyone could perform it differently. Consistency will be lacking. 

If the team is performing euthanasia differently, pet owners have a tough time understanding what’s normal and abnormal. Consistency helps everyone, including the veterinary team, know what to expect from beginning to end.

Euthanasia procedures can and should follow the highest established standards set forth by the Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy and other respected organizations who are devoted to the best experience every time. Euthanasia is rich with ethical, moral, and emotional elements deserving of our full attention. 

This manual provides an opportunity to open dialogue among the veterinary team and identify standards of care. Download your personal copy of our Euthanasia Manual now. Then take time as a team to answer the questions together. Consider reviewing the manual at least once a year and whenever new veterinary team members are hired.