A Guide to Intracardiac Injections by Dr. AJ Smith

By Dr. Kathleen Cooney / September 29, 2019

The intracardiac injection as a euthanasia technique in animals has been utilized since the early 20th century. The heart is a central vascular pump able to move euthanasia drugs effectively up to the brain, where many anesthetics like the barbiturates impart their actions. While perceived by many as objectionable to watch, the art of administering…

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A Brief History of Pentobarbital

By Dr. Kathleen Cooney / September 25, 2019

For those curious about the discovery of barbiturates, their origin can be traced back to Germany in 1864.  Ludwig von Baeyer, the founding father of the Bayer company, synthesized urea (a natural bi-product of the body) with malonic acid (derived from applies) to create barbituric acid.  The term ‘barbituric’ is said to have arisen from…

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Compassion Fatigue

Utilizing Euthanasia to Reduce Compassion Fatigue

By Dr. Kathleen Cooney / September 13, 2019

In medicine, we seek treatments to our ailments.  Find a cure and fix the problem. Compassion fatigue is a real condition that affects millions of caregivers around the world.  While complex, there are simple things that can be done to combat it. Does performing euthanasia, maybe lots of euthanasia through the course of the week/month/year…

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Rennie’s Story: The Perfect Euthanasia

By Dr. Kathleen Cooney / August 28, 2019

A case study in the perfect euthanasia experience by following CAETA’s 14 Essential Components of Companion Animal Euthanasia

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Euthanasia Curriculum – A Student Perspective

By Dr. Kathleen Cooney / August 14, 2019

A veterinary student gives a first hand account of the euthanasia training experience and speaks about the value of euthanasia education for veterinarians.

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During Pet Euthanasia, Sometimes How We Say Hello is as Important as How We Say Goodbye

By Dr. Kathleen Cooney / July 31, 2019

Pet euthanasia in the modern era is more of an experience than a medical act.  For the veterinary team, it’s an artful blend of empathy, time management, medical procedure, and connecting with those present. For our clients heavily bonded with their pet(s), feeling safe and supported is paramount right from the start.  This connection or…

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vet performing animal euthanasia

Euthanasia; It’s a Privilege

By Enid Stiles / July 5, 2019

A veterinarian describes why it is a privilege to participate in pet euthanasia and how it helps to restore dignity during a difficult time. Author: Dr. Enid Stiles (graduate of the Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy) Editor: Dr. Kathleen Cooney I consider my time as a veterinarian a privilege. And the reason why is simple,…

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The Power of Pre-Planning

By Dr. Kathleen Cooney / June 6, 2019

The Power of Pre-Planning in improving the Companion Animal Euthanasia Experience

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What’s Behind a Good Pet Euthanasia?

By Dr. Kathleen Cooney / February 15, 2019

Have you ever thought about how much really goes into a euthanasia appointment?  If you really start to explore all the components that go into a good death experience, it’s no wonder euthanasia appointments are being scheduled for longer and longer time slots in the day’s calendar.  There is a lot that goes into making…

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senior citizen with old dog before animal euthanasia in living room

The Growing Trend of Intraorgan Injections for Pet Euthanasia

By Dr. Kathleen Cooney / December 15, 2018

As a newly minted mobile veterinarian, my first home euthanasia experience was anything but perfect.  A sweet old Golden Retriever named Sage was about to teach me the importance of options. Intravenous injection of a euthanasia solution is traditionally the most common method to achieving a peaceful death in pets. Having not placed IV catheters…

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