What’s Behind a Good Pet Euthanasia?

By Dr. Kathleen Cooney / February 15, 2019

Have you ever thought about how much really goes into a euthanasia appointment?  If you really start to explore all the components that go into a good death experience, it’s no wonder euthanasia appointments are being scheduled for longer and longer time slots in the day’s calendar.  There is a lot that goes into making…

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senior citizen with old dog before animal euthanasia in living room

The Growing Trend of Intraorgan Injections for Pet Euthanasia

By Dr. Kathleen Cooney / December 15, 2018

As a newly minted mobile veterinarian, my first home euthanasia experience was anything but perfect.  A sweet old Golden Retriever named Sage was about to teach me the importance of options. Intravenous injection of a euthanasia solution is traditionally the most common method to achieving a peaceful death in pets. Having not placed IV catheters…

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What is a Fear Free Euthanasia?

By Dr. Kathleen Cooney / December 10, 2018

The Fear Free movement is alive and well thanks to the Fear Free Pet initiative, led my Dr. Marty Becker. The goal of the Fear Free program, within every veterinary appointment, is to reduce Fear, Anxiety, and Stress, known as FAS.  In reducing FAS, the pet patient will feel safer in returning to the hospital…

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