Livestock Euthanasia


The Livestock Euthanasia module focuses on the use of physical euthanasia methods in cattle and other small ruminants.

1 hour of RACE-approved CE provided for veterinarians and veterinary technicians.


All species deserve a gentle passing, regardless of the inherent challenges that present due to size, behavior, and level of bondedness to humans.  There is always a way to ensure an animal is cared for that aligns with CAETA’s 14 Essential Components.  Dr. Jan Shearer will be presenting this 1 hour module on Livestock Euthanasia.  He is a well-respected leader in livestock animal welfare and expert in the euthanasia of cattle and other small ruminants.  This module focuses on the use of physical euthanasia methods.  For more information regarding livestock pre-euthanasia sedatives and anesthetics, please see our library of resources.


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