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Not all body bags are created equal, and indeed there are numerous types out there. Those looking for quality prefer bags/containers that are durable, leak proof, and above all respectful to the precious animal within.  This respect is what changes your typical cadaver bag into a sacred ‘pet transport device’.  Euthabag, a CAETA sponsor partner for over 3 years, checks all the right boxes and we are proud to inform you of their dignified product.

#1 – Euthabag products are worthy of animals.  Trash bags or large yard waste bags should be a thing of the past.  A study from 2020 told us pet owners do not want their pet’s bodies placed in these unacceptable containers.  They miss the mark on reverence and can leave pet owner’s feeling like the veterinary staff doesn’t care.  While most pet owners will never see the container their pet’s body is placed in, the staff knows.  We have an opportunity to meet owner expectations by reaching for a transport device worthy of Buster, JoJo, and sweet Ruby.

#2 – Euthabag is designed by a veterinarian.  Dr. Celine Leheurteux from Canada struggled with the typical cadaver bags…the dishonor they represented and how unreliable they were at safely holding the pet inside.  See a problem and fix it, so she did.  Devoting her time to creating something better, Euthabag is what veterinary teams have been looking for.  They are puncture proof, water tight, pleasantly designed and professionally made, and suitable for parakeets to pyrenees.  Euthabags are easy to store and appropriately priced for everything they provide.

#3 – Euthabag cares about end-of-life care.  I have met only one maker of pet transport bags willing to dedicate resources to veterinary and client education.  Euthabag.  Dr. Leheurteux’s company supports CAETA’s mission of euthanasia training, and has created some of their own content to boot.  Euthabag is unique to give so much back to the veterinary profession.

I am ok with shameless plugs when the product is so admirable.  We need more companies like Euthabag who found the need for enhanced compassionate care of pets and took the leap.  The Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy is grateful to Dr. Celine Leheurteux and her team for their excellent work. Order your free sample today.

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Dr. Kathleen Cooney

DVM, CHPV, CPEV, DACAW resident Founder, Senior Director of Education for the Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy