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Since the inception of the Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy in 2017, the Commitment to Excellence Seal has been offered to graduates of the 10-hour Master Certificate Program for use in their business profiles; to show their commitment to gentle and skilled euthanasia. CAETA wanted to create something that would be a constant reminder for our graduates to continue learning about euthanasia and elevate what they provide to patients and clients. It has served a noble purpose and many veterinary professionals have indeed taken this commitment to heart.

In recent days, a situation presented that made us take a deeper look at what pet owners interpret the Seal to represent. It’s possible they may see it as proof of expert status or of some credentialing that guarantees euthanasia will go perfectly. While we as veterinary professionals know a guarantee such as this is impossible, CAETA’s goal is to prevent misguided or inaccurate beliefs around what advanced euthanasia training really means. It’s important pet owners understand the complexities of euthanasia and how no one can promise a perfect death experience every time. It’s simply what we should strive for.

Going forward, CAETA graduates are encouraged to demonstrate higher learning by displaying our Academy logo instead of the Seal. This sends a positive message to pet owners that euthanasia education is important, while holding to reasonable expectations. The Academy logo may also be included in professional resumes and Curriculum Vitae to promote euthanasia education. We know all CAETA graduates hold this in high regard.

CAETA considers euthanasia to be the most emotionally charged procedure that exists in veterinary medicine. The Seal was a symbol to our graduates to keep learning and not default into old euthanasia protocols that fail to align with the modern human-animal bond and medical advancements. Euthanasia is complex and we are grateful to those who have chosen to learn all they can about it, and keep learning.

Those who have completed the 10-hour Master Program are invited to access the CAETA logo through the online Resource Library and download it for use if they wish. Please contact CAETA if you have questions.

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Dr. Kathleen Cooney

DVM, CHPV, CPEV, DACAW resident Founder, Senior Director of Education for the Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy