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CAETA is growing. After 5 years, we have reached an educational tipping point, when bringing on talented people is needed to meet the demand for companion animal euthanasia training events.  What a blessing this is.  It shows how the veterinary industry is embracing euthanasia education, and they want more. Universities, colleges, conferences, hospitals, associations, shelters, and veterinary-centric companies are ready for our content.  The content is built, now we deliver.

I’ve been teaching modern best practices in companion animal euthanasia since 2008. It’s a joy to help others with the complexities of death care, in a way that leaves them feeling positive and empowered. Students have told me over the years how they were apprehensive coming to learn but soon felt at ease and eager to know more and more. For many, a veil is pulled back and what’s revealed on the other side is a whole world of possibility…a better death experience for everyone. Many feel compelled to teach others and spread ‘the good death revolution’.

Veterinarians and veterinary technicians can be CAETA Instructors, and they can be fluent in some concepts, or all.  A program instructor is someone who can teach the entire CAETA catalog.  As of early 2023, we have over 40 hours of material including our 10-hour Peaceful Euthanasia Certification, various species techniques, mental health training, and communication.   Those interested can decide how involved they want to be with teaching, knowing the more they learn, the more they can teach. We need Instructors who can teach any number of our modules, so the more you know, the better. For those wanting to become Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in euthanasia, this is where you start.

To become a CAETA Instructor, we have a series of onboarding steps for applicants.  The only hard and fast rule is that an applicant must have participated in many companion animal euthanasias.  It’s hard to teach all the nuances of the euthanasia appointment.  Experience is the best teacher.

Hiring and Onboarding

  1. Fill out the online application intake form.
  2. Hold an interview with our leadership team.
  3. Take a pre-assessment quiz for CAETA to understand knowledge and experience with companion animal euthanasia.
  4. Submit colleague/employer testimonials that speak to your euthanasia and teaching skills.
  5. Sign independent contractor agreements.
  6. Start the training steps.

Training to be a CAETA Instructor will also follow a series of steps to be ready for both live and virtual audiences. Ideally training is completed in 3 months, often sooner based on the Instructor’s background in education and euthanasia.  The process includes a refresher of the CAETA Peaceful Euthanasia Certification (all applicants must have completed the Master Program before hiring). From there, we will increase public speaking skills and help Instructors navigate difficult conversations.  Instructors will be expected to know aspects of emotional intelligence and compassion fatigue.  Our goal is to prepare Instructors to teach sensitive topics in a sensitive manner yet keep the material interesting and engaging. Like the euthanasia procedure itself, teaching euthanasia is a blend of art and science.

Because CAETA teaches professionals within different industries, Instructors may request to present to the types of audiences they know best, and request more in-person or virtual events. In-person trainings require travel, and Instructors can do as much as they want.  What CAETA does ask help with is building speaking opportunities.  Instructors who want to teach a lot will work with our leadership team to identify events. Instructors may stretch their educational reach even further by writing content and researching too. 

If this sounds like a fit for you, or someone you know, get started here with the online intake form.

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Dr. Kathleen Cooney

DVM, CHPV, CPEV, DACAW resident Founder, Senior Director of Education for the Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy

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