Learn euthanasia best practices through our online Master Certificate program.  Priced at $295 US dollars, you receive 10 hours of continuing education, access to the CAETA library, additional learning modules for 50% off,  and the Team Training Manual.

Beyond the Master Program, CAETA is proud to offer additional online modules covering a variety of topics including:

Behavioral & Convenience Euthanasia (1 hour)
Companion Livestock & Equine Euthanasia (1 hour)
Compassion Fatigue (1.5 hours)
Controlled Substance Handling in Euthanasia Work (3 part series- 2 hours)
Emotionally Intelligent Euthanasia (1 hour)
Equine Euthanasia (2 hours)
Ethical Pet Aftercare (1 hour)
Euthanasia Around the World (1 hour)
Euthanasia Team Support (1 hour)
Exotic Euthanasia (1 hour)
Home Euthanasia (1 hour)
Pet Loss Support During Euthanasia (1 hour)
Livestock Euthanasia (1 hour)

Learn at your pace.  The online program is always open and ready for you to begin.

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